How do we add value?

A well-chosen hardwood floor should add immediate and ongoing value to an interior design for decades to come and enhance the lives of those that interact with the space.

Our team appreciate the nuances of selecting the appropriate finish, the technical requirements of correct installation and best practices to ensure optimal performance.
We visit Europe regularly to keep abreast of new developments in the industry and to ensure that our collections speak to the prevailing interior design language.

Liaise with us at our Cape Town showroom, your firms’ office or your home. We look forward to making our network of industry specialists throughout South Africa available to you.
About BestWood Flooring

What differentiates our hardwood finishes?

Mark Hak, second generation owner of our exclusive partners, Hakwood, shares our respect for a precious natural timber resource and for the enduring value of patient craftsmanship...

Hakwood create with colours, textures, patterns and shapes, belying a distinctively Dutch appreciation for rigorous product design and the sensible evolution of interiors in which we live, work and play.

The result is a long history of stable, diverse, beautiful and environmentally responsible hardwood products that are highly sought after.

Meet the founder

"Ever since we founded BestWood Flooring, my co-directors and I have endeavoured to source compelling hardwood finishes from sustainable resources and to collaborate with leading designers on architectural projects throughout Southern Africa.

A fundamental understanding of aspects critical to the successful application of natural timbers, as well as an awareness of the built environment, which is dynamic, remain our priority.

We're privileged to contribute to iconic architecture & design using one of nature’s most alluring materials".

Barry Solomon
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Barry Solomon BestWood Flooring
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