Betts Luxury Apartments


Arthouse Architects 


Kate McPherson




Vulcan Screening in Teak Finish

Abodo’s Vulcan timber is the ideal choice in timber screening. It’s thermally modified (a chemical-free treatment using heat and steam) which means it has enhanced stability and durability.

It also holds dark colours for longer, due to low moisture content in the timber. Perfect for the Nelson climate, which is known to have the highest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand.

Low maintenance exterior cladding is juxtaposed with timber-lined balconies and Vulcan eco-timber screening (in Teak finish), providing privacy on the south-facing apartments.

The luxury Betts Apartments are designed to address the street edge – using a variety of materials including timber screens and recessed balconies to break down the visual scale.

These generously proportioned apartments have all been custom designed by Arthouse Architects to meet the specific requirements of owners – and in most cases the apartments run right through from north to south or east to west, optimising sun, light, natural ventilation and views.

Remuera House


BDG Architects



Product 1

Vulcan Panelling TG9 135×10

The Remuera House is a renovation of an old circa 1960’s brick house.


Where the original house lacked continuity and flow, the new raking ceiling was designed to connect the interior and exterior, at the same time maximizing the spectacular clifftop views.
Abodo’s Vulcan TG9 Panelling was chosen for its natural grain appearance combined with the high stability and natural durability, allowing it to perform well in an exterior application.

A new raking ceiling in Vulcan timber panelling maximizes spectacular clifftop views in this renovation project

BDG Architects were looking for a natural timber ceiling lining that could continue to the exterior soffit.

Coastal Wainui Home


Kingsbeer Architecture


Strike Photography




Vulcan Cladding in Straw Finish, WB12 Profile (138×20 and 180×20)

Fortified with thermal modification, Vulcan Cladding is capable of handling harsh coastal conditions without warping or twisting, while also safe for use inside the home where people are naturally drawn to touch and interact with the warmth of timber elements.

Random width Vulcan Cladding creates a point of interest, finished in light straw tones. Mike chose to face fix the timber cladding with nails in a classic look.

The same Straw finish was used inside the home, adding a natural light touch. With plentiful windows throughout, the cladding is slowly lightening over time.

Looking out to the famous Wainui surf beach, this eye-catching coastal home features Vulcan Cladding inside and out

Designed by Kingsbeer Architecture and crafted by owner/builder Mike Robinson, Abodo’s thermally modified Vulcan Cladding was chosen for both the exterior cladding and interior walls of this beach-side home.

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