Sustainable European Oak

BestWood is committed to partner with like-minded people who make floors that withstand the test of time, which is the epitome of sustainability:

As consumers, we should understand the origins of hardwood products, the energy needed to prepare them for use and the benefits of their successful application in the modern built environment.

Our Dutch supply partners, Hakwood, who were founded in 1979, make floorboards and wall tiles from only the finest timbers and are able to offer Forest Stewardship Council certified timber, on request.

“Our quest is primarily targeted at European Oak: wood that is characterized by a less prominent grain, neutral tan colour and raw, natural appearance… Starting in France, through Germany, and into the Balkans… this is where we look… We are very critical in our quest”…. Hakwood Blog

Hardwoods sourced from managed forests are a particularly advantageous material in several respects:

Plantations act as global carbon sinks.

Sawn hardwoods require much less embedded energy to prepare than alternative building materials including concrete, steel, and glass.

The thermal and acoustic insulation benefits of hardwood finishes are well documented and of increasing importance to homeowners and building managers who aim to minimize energy consumption.

Wood at rest:

Once at the Hakwood grounds, the planks are turned into impressive stacks with jute cloths to protect the end grain. Timber is allowed to dry gradually in the fresh Dutch air for up to six months, the planks being separated by small stickers, that only minimally touch the wood.

When the tolerance of the moisture content is within the required range, the wood enters an optimized program for expert kiln-drying.

Hakwood take great care to make sure the wood releases its moisture without tension. Because wood that starts at rest, prefers to stays at rest…



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