Herringbone & Chevron parquet

We adore the elegance of a beautiful parquet floor in both herringbone and chevron patterns (the latter sometimes referred to as French parquet).

These formats have seen a resurgence in popularity, with many of our 2016 & 2017 South African architectural projects featuring at least one space installed using these age old techniques.

The rich colour and textural iterations of European Oak by dutch artisans, Hakwood, are available not only in three widths of plank flooring but also herringbone and chevron parquet.

In herringbone pattern (where adjoining boards meet at 90 degrees), we offer the following sizes:

80 mm x 480 mm

85 mm x 510 mm

110 mm x 550 mm

115 mm x 575 mm

142 mm x 710 mm

180 mm x 1080 mm

In chevron pattern, no fewer than 7 sizes are available across 3 angles of mitre.

Contact us to discuss how parquet variations of hardwood flooring can enhance an interior design by accenting or delineating spaces…

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