Hip Hop Boutique Cape Town

Architect: Haldane Martin Iconic Design
Photographer: Micky Hoyle
Product: Pure

European Oak by Hakwood – rustic grade – thickness 15 mm – width 180 mm – Bona finish

Haldane Martin Iconic Design created a sophisticated and feminine high-concept Retail store for South African fashion label Hip Hop. The unique interior design for Hip Hop is emblematic of the award-winning design studio’s innovation in the commercial and retail design sector.


Classic to contemporary:

Given a brief and just 2 months to complete the project from design to opening, Haldane Martin responded with a concept based on the Hip Hop logo itself. The logo features a bouquet of roses alongside the words “Hip Hop” in lowercase Helvetica typeface, juxtaposing feminine symbolism with a modern aesthetic. This translates into an interior with classical details that come to life in a contemporary way.


Soft & round:

The central footprint of the store is a circular design that also reflects the logo, reinforcing its round shape. The European oak herringbone floor is whitewashed to create a natural warmth that balances out the graphic herringbone pattern to create a soft feminine look.

The feminine fabric installation hanging from the ceiling is one of the key bespoke features of the interior. The fabric is backlit, creating a glow and a delicate play between light and shadow. One of the most innovative aspects of the project, this creates a lovely graceful effect, softening the space and framing the clothing while drawing the viewer’s gaze towards the garments.


Everyday memorable occasion:

The Hip Hop brand caters for women’s occasion wear to be worn all year round. The fashion range is characterised by glamorous evening dresses and stylish cocktail wear. It also includes trendy day wear, reinforcing Hip Hop’s philosophy that every day should be treated as an occasion. Haldane Martin’s interior design of the store speaks to this by showcasing the glamorous garments in an elegant way and brings all aspects of shopping into an easy, comfortable and memorable experience.


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