Amsterdam 1

Architect: Zien Design
Photographer: Courtesy of Hakwood
Product: Muse

An expat client wanted to create an international atmosphere in his new Dutch home. Zien Design’s Chantalle Berkel successfully merged his design preferences with Amsterdam canal house grandeur.


Classic warehouse with a twist:

“I always make a point of listening to the house itself for inspiration”, says Berkel. “In this case, it was a classic warehouse in the heart of Amsterdam: high ceilings, ornaments and an almost palpable sense of grandeur. My client asked for the space to have that open, loft style atmosphere, and he didn’t mind a playful twist.”

The apartment reflects the owner’s personality in more than one way. Working in IT, he definitely appreciates the fact that heating and lighting are controlled through an app.


Soft industrial:

The colour palette played a big part in the client’s enthusiasm for Berkel’s final design, says the designer. “He actually wanted it to be very straightforward black and white, but in the end I won him over with the added warmth of some exposed brickwork and the wood flooring. In close cooperation we found a natural balance between all the style elements, resulting in what I call a soft industrial design.”

My designs are known for their solid basis and quality materials. This was the first time I used Hakwood flooring, but it certainly won’t be the last.


Large open spaces:

Berkel worked with large open spaces for the desired loft experience, choosing a herringbone floor for that classic Amsterdam look. “My client loves entertaining guests and is an enthusiastic cook. The open kitchen enables him to interact with his guests while preparing a meal. I used black flooring in the kitchen to separate it form the living quarters without closing up the spaces. There is no formal dining area, but the pool table converts to a dining table. A playful nod to the fact that it is, after all, a bachelor pad.”


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