Wall Tiles

Following the successful launch of Wall Tiles at 100% Design in London, our Dutch supply partners, Hakwood, present a new product category – a collection of natural wood wall tiles for use on vertical surfaces:

Create a bespoke tile or choose from the collection to design your own pattern landscape and make a vertical design statement utilizing Hakwood’s broad range of colours and textures.

Using a simple hanging system, architects and designers can easily create high-end bespoke feature walls, install a grouping as artwork, or even cover the whole room from floor to ceiling; the options are endless.

“We enjoy co-creating with architects and designers. With our new Wall Tiles, we have a number of standard designs but it is always possible to start from a clean slate for a unique & bespoke design to create a signature Great Vertical Statement”, Edwin Hak – product design & development.

Supported by indoor air quality testing and labels, all Hakwood products are produced to the highest standards and available FSC (Mixed) on request.

Specially acclimatized to perform to the environmental demands of each unique location, Wall Tiles by Hakwood are suitable for every interior, from luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars to up-market spas, boutiques, residential and office spaces.

South African designers can now combine custom textures, colours, shapes, dimensions and patterns to achieve a unique result.

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