Dutch Artisans, Hakwood

Our exclusive partners, Hakwood, were established in 1979. Second generation owners, Mark & Robert Hak share our own respect for a precious natural timber resource and for the enduring value of patient craftsmanship:


Hakwood has become renowned as industry leaders who consistently deliver a beautiful product across key quality metrics. They innovate in colour, texture, pattern, and shape, belying a distinctively Dutch appreciation for rigorous product design and the sensible evolution of interiors in which we live, work and play.

Recently, the bold entrance to 100% Design London, titled “Design Path” was imagined by Sally Hogarth and made in herringbone parquet by Hakwood, using distinctive colour treatments of European Oak.

“Design Path combines bespoke colours to re-invent the herringbone pattern with movements found in nature…” Sally Hogarth.

Uniquely, Hakwood control each step of the manufacturing process, making six distinctive collections of floors and wall tiles that are specified by leading architects and interior designers for high profile residential and commercial projects in over sixty countries.

Their unwavering commitment to being an environmentally responsible producer goes beyond the origin of raw lumber and has resulted in numerous accolades and continued success in some of the most stringent markets for interior air quality, such as Scandinavia and California. From products that contain low to no carcinogens and harmful chemicals to sustainable practices relating to water and energy conservation, rest assured a product by Hakwood is the conscientious choice for you and your clients.

We are privileged to offer our South African clients access to these superior finishes.

See the updated portfolio of architectural projects from across the globe here.

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