Distinctive Hardwood Floors

At our Dutch supply partners Hakwood, every step in the artisanal process that sees tree become flooring or wall tile, has been meticulously thought out:

Since the company’s founding in 1979, successive generations of the Hak family have focused on enhancing the natural beauty of sustainable hardwoods by creating distinctive finishes whilst ensuring that little to no material is going to waste.

Grading the wood:

The frame saw is the first test after the seasoned wood enters the red-roofed factory in The Netherlands. Because the wood has been dried so evenly, perfectly straight wear lamellae (wear layers) roll from the machine.

These are graded by hand according to the number and size of knots. In the lower part of the tree, the timber is the most pristine with few to ‘light’ knots. Higher in the tree, more ‘heavy’ knots are found where the limbs begin to grow.

Given our extensive range of grading options, determining the grade requires trained eyes and the full attention of experienced colleagues.

A perfect fit:

The new lamellae are adhered to a water-resistant multiply backer using glue that has no added formaldehyde. And it’s not just any multiply. As the inventor of the Duoplank, Hakwood work only with plywood of the highest quality Baltic birch that has a perfect fit in terms of moisture content with our hardwood wear layers.

The perfectly balanced combination of our well dried wood with our birch backer makes our base plank one of the most dimensionally stable in the world.


Where technical expertise meets creativity: both are equally important in the finishing of what will become aspirational floor finishes. Hakwood are renowned for the complexity they bring to colour treatments and surface textures, often involving multiple passes that create highly distinctive aesthetics.

Our lab experts are qualified chemists with creative insights and mechanical knowledge. What they enjoy most is experimenting, getting the most out of our wood and machines. 

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