BestWood at Eike Restaurant

Eike, by Bertus Basson, has opened in a new Stellenbosch space with hardwood flooring from BestWood as a key natural element. Read about the conversation our director, Barry Solomon had with the renowned chef:

Since 2005, chef and restauranteur, Bertus Basson has been at the forefront of South African gastronomy, championing our multi-cultural cuisine and proudly advocating a creative, delicious heritage based on seasonal, locally sourced food and wine.

Barry: “Tell me about the significance of this location, a heritage building in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch”…

Bertus:  “Eike is about celebrating being South African, there is no better space to do it in than a heritage building. Stellenbosch is also known as ‘Eikestad’ which loosely translates to ‘Oak City’. Hence the name and the use of oak in the interior”.

Barry: “There’s no doubt that the ambiance of a space plays a critical role in the success of an eatery. What was your vision for the interior design and how did that influence your choice of hard and soft finishes”?

Bertus: “We wanted to create a space that is comfortable and elegant but doesn’t detract from the food. Oak trees were an inspiration for the palette that consists of wood, varying hues of green and brass accents”.

Barry: “You are renowned for championing local delicacies. What type of food is served in this beautiful dining room and what is your philosophy behind it”?

Bertus: “Eike is inspired by nostalgic food memories”.

Barry: “Of course, the Cape is home to some of the worlds’ finest wines, tell me about your selections and was it difficult to choose a short-list from so many excellent options”?

Bertus: “For Eike, we wanted to create a list of iconic wines. There are also a few surprises and wines that we see as future icons. We had a lot of fun putting the wine list together”!

Barry: “What is the ideal frame of mind you’d like your guests to enter this restaurant with, and what would you like their overriding impression to be once they’ve left”?

Bertus: “We would love them to be open to enjoying the experience from start to finish and to leave inspired by our interpretation of South African food”.

Eike by Bertus Basson is open for dinner, from Tuesday to Saturday. Call 021 007 4231 or email for reservations.







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