Unique Textures

Dutch artisans, Hakwood, look to historical precedents and to the most exciting recent bespoke requests from architects for the inspiration behind their collections of hardwood flooring:

Their deft application of textured surfaces, either by hand or by custom-made machinery plays a vital part in the creation of these iconic finishes.

Old World collection is inspired by the weathered look of aged structural beams. The use of hand held machine tools ensures that no two floorboards are identical.

For the exquisite Reclaimed Antique Oak collection, floorboards of antique wood are deliberately hand hewn with a plane, resulting in multi-faceted surfaces that are truly extraordinary.

So called “kerf” marks that sawmills used to leave on untreated lumber are recreated in the Sierra collection, where a new ¬†sawn face texture lends an authentic appeal to flooring.

In the Dutch Scrape collection, floors named after Dutch rural towns offer an intriguing combination of roughness and sophistication due to the random scrape effect applied to surfaces.

Hakwood combine these, as well as deep wire brushing in the Perspectives collection, to create unique floors with dynamic appearances that are dependant on your viewpoint and the prevailing light.

We look forward to exploring the duality between colour and surface texture in wood flooring with you at our Cape Town showroom.

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