The Rug Company

To mark their 20th anniversary, The Rug Company has launched a “capsule” collection of handmade designer rugs:


Exclusive collaborations with Sir Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Kelly Wearstler, Alexander McQueen and Suzanne Sharp have resulted in remarkable pieces, showcased on the spectacular new Rug Company website.

A fitting tribute to our heritage of fusing modern creativity with traditional craftsmanship, each rug represents its designer’s vision, translated by our skilled Nepalese weavers into modern hand-knotted rugs that will last a generation. You’ll find creativity, skill, and beauty that will last way beyond another 20 years,” The Rug Company.

In addition, the recent launch of Farrow & Ball rugs handmade by The Rug Company’s weavers has ensured a selection of vibrant and complimentary colourways in wool and silk at an enticing price point.

Explore the inspiration behind the design of these exquisite collections at The Rug Company.

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