Reclaimed Antique Oak

We’re excited to share glimpses of the artisans at Hakwood using time-honoured skills to create a brand new collection of Reclaimed Antique Oak flooring:

“We searched all of Europe for the heartiest antique beams; salvaged wood that is strong inside and beautifully weathered on the outside,” Mark Hak, owner of Hakwood.

In order to respect the centuries of history each plank represents by not rushing its path to a new life, each board is strictly fashioned to by hand.

These techniques include authentic repairs with antique wood, the planing of surfaces and beveling of edges by hand and finally, the careful application of a polish for a classic aesthetic.

The result is a unique architectural finish and a nod to the virtues of traditional and patient craftsmanship.

We expect to debut this one-of-a-kind collection of fine flooring in South Africa in September 2017…

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